Magazine Publication – GOLDEN RIDE 10/2013

November 8th, 2013

Assigned by the swiss crew creating Switzerland’s first surf movie called “IWANNASURF” I was traveling together with an awesome bunch of surfers to the southern islands of the Maldives. Please find the story in the latest issue of ‘Golden Ride‘ – magazine

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Lifestyle – Photoshoot Dominik Metner ‘Bike Brides’

September 9th, 2009

Born as a 68er kid and inspired by watching countless trashy b-movies I was encouraged setting up a special outdoor photo shoot. I matched up the young mountain bike semi-pro Dominik with some girls touting for him in his own-built bike park.

The models Steffi and Moni were bravely tottering with their shiny high heels in the dust and dirt of the race track.

When dusk dove in, we parked an old, rotten wrecked pickup truck to establish the stranded girls couple looking for gasoline in the dense forest.

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