Making-Of Photo Shoot Collaboration | UNDER ARMOUR | INCRDBL – Munich, 02/2018

February 9th, 2018

It’s been a great experience collaborating with my fellow colleague Birgar Olsen, from INCRDBL at a photo shoot for Under Armour.

Well the task wasn’t any lower than setting up a decent lighting stage for Sophia Floersch – THE young new and upcoming race driver in Formula 4 motor racing.

Thanks a lot to the entire team – and I’m proud of being part of the creative collective of INCRDBL STUDIOS!









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Making-Of Video Shoot Position Music | Jo Blankenburg – London, 03/2017

April 5th, 2017

Been such intense full-on days with my brother Jo in London filming the making-of of his latest album release, working title “Excalibur” in legendary AIR Studios / Lyndhurst Hall.

Wouldn’t miss any single sweat drop at all 😅

Thanks loads to my bro and the entire Position Music crew🙏🏻 – you pulled that thing off so smooth and gently!

2017-03-26 13.28.15_ret

2017-03-26 13.29.00_ret

2017-03-26 14.17.11_ret

2017-03-27 09.18.02_ret

2017-03-27 09.19.44_ret

2017-03-27 09.20.09_ret

2017-03-27 11.09.28_ret


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Photo & Video Project “4ANSICHTEN” Making-Of – Munich, 02/2016

February 16th, 2016


4ANSICHTEN. Das Gefühl der Schauspielerei.

Film, Fotos, Interview.

Ein Projekt von Andy Fox und Roland Ernst.

Kamera: Kaspar Kaven.

Letzten Freitag im Interview dabei: Erwin Aljukic.

Wir werden in den nächsten Monaten Schauspieler/innen über ihren Beruf und ihr Leben interviewen.

Der große Will Quadflieg gab seinen Memoiren den Titel:

„Wir spielen immer.“

Wir erlauben uns dazu die Frage: Ach wirklich?

Mehr dazu bald hier.

Für’s erste ein paar Making-Of Shots


201602_ERNSTFOX-4ANSICHTEN_Erwin-2016-02-12 17.26.47
201602_ERNSTFOX-4ANSICHTEN_Erwin-2016-02-12 18.11.06

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Making-Of Photo Shoot ‘City Shaolin’ – Los Angeles, USA, 11/2012

November 22nd, 2012

Here come some first raw making-of shots and the making-of video of our guerilla photo & video shoot ‘City Shaolin’ in the vibrant streets of downtown Los Angeles. Glad that we found corners for ourselves. Or if not just randomly blocking the road traffic by jumping on the streets to take advantage of the unique light & shade play.

Props go out to my brother Jo Blankenburg filming, editing and composing music for the action, Yuichiro Sixtwo Oku assisting and composing music either. Not to forget gorgeous model, actress & passionate martial arts fighter Catherine Chen performing like a tiger!

Cycling – Photoshoot Matt Blankenburg ‘Iron Cyclone’

September 12th, 2009

Photo shooting with triathlete and personal coach Matt Blankenburg ( at some rusty, steely trafic location in Munich, Germany:

The mood of the abandoned road work site was unique and matched perfectly to Matt’s silhouette.

Directing Matt for THE shot, Frankfurter Ring, Munich, Germany

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Music – Photoshoot Jo Blankenburg ‘Tickling the Ivories’

August 8th, 2009

Several indoor and outdoor photo shootings at locations such as the renown Philharmonie in Munich, Germany with music composer and solo pianist Jo Blankenburg from New Zealand:

Some impressions of the making-of:

Checking the obstacles prior to the underwater shoot

Cleaning before shooting

Racing the vintage Mercedes-Benz while shooting

Racing the vintage Mercedes-Benz while shooting

Composer Jo Blankenburg getting ready for the water shooting

Photographer Andy Fox and Jo Blankenburg setting up the water camera equipment

Composer Jo Blankenburg having a snack

The control site at the Philharmonie before the photo shoot

Cable stillife at the Philharmonie, Munich, Germany

Composer and solo pianist Jo Blankenburg at the Philharmonie

Control lights and switches need to be turned ON!

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