Making-Of Photo Shoot ‘City Shaolin’ – Los Angeles, USA, 11/2012

November 22nd, 2012

Here come some first raw making-of shots and the making-of video of our guerilla photo & video shoot ‘City Shaolin’ in the vibrant streets of downtown Los Angeles. Glad that we found corners for ourselves. Or if not just randomly blocking the road traffic by jumping on the streets to take advantage of the unique light & shade play.

Props go out to my brother Jo Blankenburg filming, editing and composing music for the action, Yuichiro Sixtwo Oku assisting and composing music either. Not to forget gorgeous model, actress & passionate martial arts fighter Catherine Chen performing like a tiger!

Multimedia project “THE REBIRTH” – Syria 09/2012

September 10th, 2012

I take great pleasure in announcing “THE REBIRTH” an audio-visual project to help the victims of the ongoing crisis in Syria. You can watch the video here

It features a breathtaking new song composed by Jo Blankenburg, with vocals by Maya Haddi. The video consists of photographs captured during my visit to Syria in 2010, along with poetry by Nitish Raina.

We will be selling the song on iTunes for 0.99$, with all proceeds going to the International Committee of the Red Cross for Syria.
You can help the affected people in Syria by buying the song on iTunes for 0.99$:


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Video Shoot for Jo Blankenburg / Position Music, Czech Republic, 05/2012

May 22nd, 2012

Back from a super exciting video shoot with my brother Jo Blankenburg in the Czech Republic. For his 2nd music trailer album released by Position Music, Los Angeles we traveled to the sophisticated Cinematic Concert Hall in the Czech Republic.

I was geared up to teeth with my fancy filming gadgets: steady cam (hell! that’s a mission controlling this wiggling piece of iron), Dolly (ok, a small rail but effective) and a handful of tripods.

This was a welcome change for me. I usually capture athletes in their surroundings – this being my main focus, but once in the concert hall, filming these expert violinists up–close and seeing their fingers race across the strings, I realized that this could be just another extreme sports discipline.

3 days packed with 14 hours per day of recording and filming more than 130 (!) members of the orchestra topped by the young, 12 year-old singer Dominik and the very old, but never less experienced score reader Igor. Last-but-not-least not to forget the coordinator and phantastic conductor of Capellen Orchestra Petr Pololanik who managed confidently the tight schedule.

Now we’re in the cutting room and in the next weeks there will be a promotion video released at my brothers and my youtube – channel.

We’ll keep you updated on our Facebook pages:

Here come some frame-grabs of the raw HD video footage:





Online Publication – OIL SPILL App in ProfiFOTO 09/2011

September 6th, 2011

My brothers and my multimedia project “OIL SPILL – THE HUMAN UEBERFLUSS” is now available as an app for your iPad (unfortunately not for iPhone). You can download the free app at the iTunes – store:

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Photo Documentation Live Recordings for ‘VENDETTA’

April 21st, 2011

Covering the still and motion picture photography of the live recordings of my brother, Jo Blankenburg‘s new film music trailer album called ‘VENDETTA‘ in a concert hall in Brno, Czech Republic.

You can find the videotrailer here

Please find more photos here

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Multimedia Project “OIL SPILL – THE HUMAN UEBERFLUSS” – Kick Off @ 61st Berlinale

March 2nd, 2011

My brother Jo and myself are fairly exhausted after debuting and launching our multimedia project “OIL SPILL – THE HUMAN UEBERFLUSS” ( in the Urania event center while the stars gathered on the red carpet at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.

We want to thank everybody who supported us: mentally by heart and financially. That’s something we take not for granted.

After the show is before the show…and we are planning to present our project in cities allover Germany and Austria. Please follow us on our facebook fanpage:

Some impressions of the premiere event:

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Music – Photoshoot Jo Blankenburg ‘Tickling the Ivories’

August 8th, 2009

Several indoor and outdoor photo shootings at locations such as the renown Philharmonie in Munich, Germany with music composer and solo pianist Jo Blankenburg from New Zealand:

Some impressions of the making-of:

Checking the obstacles prior to the underwater shoot

Cleaning before shooting

Racing the vintage Mercedes-Benz while shooting

Racing the vintage Mercedes-Benz while shooting

Composer Jo Blankenburg getting ready for the water shooting

Photographer Andy Fox and Jo Blankenburg setting up the water camera equipment

Composer Jo Blankenburg having a snack

The control site at the Philharmonie before the photo shoot

Cable stillife at the Philharmonie, Munich, Germany

Composer and solo pianist Jo Blankenburg at the Philharmonie

Control lights and switches need to be turned ON!

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Music – Photodocu Jo Blankenburg @ Rudolfinum

July 27th, 2009

Photodocumentation of the live recordings of musician, composer, pianist Jo Blankenburg from New Zealand in the historic Rudolfinum orchestra hall, Prague, Czech Republic:

The music created and composed by Jo Blankenburg was destined for the live show event of the World of Wearable Art, New Zealand:

Some impressions of the making-of:

Jo Blankenburg videographed by director Andreas Tröger

Jo Blankenburg in front of the scaffolded Rudolfinum

Jo Blankenburg discussing with the conductor prior to the recordings

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