Underwater – Photoshoot Heidi Wolfmeier ‘Cynara’

August 28th, 2009

Underwater photo shooting with artist Heidi at the pristine Fuschlsee, Austria:


I was seeking quite desperately places and locations for crystal clear water at the Salzburger and upper-austrian lake region since quite a long time.

Locals’ mouths were sealed…not too awkward as I know this from surfing (which is alright to protect the beauty) and so I had to ‚discover’ the banks and water quality of the lakes all by myself. Words of some friends told that I should try this or that lake but finally we got stuck at Fuschlsee. On first sight the water looked pretty clear and the underwater visibilty should be alright. After renting a little red oldschool vintage electro boat at Fuschlsee which reminded me of those 60ies films with a lot of cheesy dialogues where couples were floating out to the lake to spend some romantic hours….we started off to our location check by sea.

'Frogman' and 'Sissy'

We found some pristine, clear banks with stunning rotten roots and climbers at this famous lake close to Salzburg. Unfortunately the underwater scenery was hidden by murky slimey underground which was whirled up every time we touched the ground.

Underwater model Heidi threw herself in a green showy dress. Some funny accessoires spiced up the artistic situation: an artichoke flower! which contrasted perfectly to the outfit and greenish underwater scenery. Our ‘Cynara’ under water photo project was born.

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