Magazine Publication – RAMP BOOK 10/2015

October 6th, 2015

Sometimes it’s good to switch perspectives, break up beaten tracks and mix up different scopes of photography. So I decided climbing up a tree at a huge roundabout in France to shoot the MINI PACEMAN with my 15mm Fisheye lens which I preferably use in my waterhousing. Well, long live the unpredictable!

See my photo on page 21 of the new RAMP Best-Of Book “A PASSION FOR CARS” (teNeues)

Thanks a lot to Michael, Nadine, Matthias and Antonietta for consideration and collaboration!







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Magazine Publication – RAMP 10/2014

November 3rd, 2014

Assigned by Germany’s prime avantgarde car & lifestyle magazine ‘ramp‘ I’ve been roadtrippin’ to the crazy banks of the austrian Wörthersee where the annually GTI-Treffen took part. It’s been a pretty awesome uique experience for our entire crew shooting in-between the masses and finding space for selected car motifs. I LIKE!;-) Please find the whole photo stretch in the October special issue!

2014-10_RAMP-Cover_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-MakingOf_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite1_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite2_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite3_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite4_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite5_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite6_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite7_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite8_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite9_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite10_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite11_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite12_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite13_A5-220dpi 2014-10_RAMP-Seite14_A5-220dpi


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