Multimedia project “THE REBIRTH” – Syria 09/2012

September 10th, 2012

I take great pleasure in announcing “THE REBIRTH” an audio-visual project to help the victims of the ongoing crisis in Syria. You can watch the video here

It features a breathtaking new song composed by Jo Blankenburg, with vocals by Maya Haddi. The video consists of photographs captured during my visit to Syria in 2010, along with poetry by Nitish Raina.

We will be selling the song on iTunes for 0.99$, with all proceeds going to the International Committee of the Red Cross for Syria.
You can help the affected people in Syria by buying the song on iTunes for 0.99$:


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Magazine Publication – MEN’S HEALTH 07/2012

August 1st, 2012

Contribution of an underwater photograph of German olympic swimmer Marco di Carli in Men’s Health magazine.


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Making-Of WOMEN’S HEALTH Photo Shoot, Hossegor, France, 06/2012

June 8th, 2012

Assigned by Women’s Health magazine I was traveling with Joseph, my photo assistant, to the pristine beaches of Hossegor and Seignosse. The mission: a lifestyle-/fashion photo shoot with up & coming Cali pro surfer Courtney Conlogue who won the SWATCH Girls Pro contest just the day before!

The day began with checking out the beach locations. In the afternoon hours we were starting with the 15 workout exercises Courtney usually does at home or when traveling. Behind a small beach hut we taped our white background for the cover-try shoot.

We spiced up the layed-back beach-style settings with some action boosted jumps from the rocks.

Finalizing the locations with my number one place to be: the ocean

Thanks a lot to the well tuned-in team, in particular my assistant Joseph, sports editor Martina, fashion editor Jessica, makeup artist Julia, SWATCH PR ladies Nicole and Nina.

And last-but-not-least Chris Nemes, who was covering a great making-of video:




Making-Of Mountainbike Photo Shoot, Innsbruck, 04/2012

May 3rd, 2012

20 hours packed with action: from getting up really early at night catching the morning light to the 2200m high mountain very very breezy bike snow shoot. Eventually finding our place of places in the blue hour of the day with the stunning mountainous  landscape in the background.

Overall we’ve been happy receiving the permission to shoot in this outrageous, organic-like architecture. Here come some making-of shots:




Magazine Publication – WUNDERWELT WISSEN 03/2012

March 5th, 2012

Contribution of a photo stretch of Apnoe diver Anna von Boetticher to ‘Wunderwelt WISSEN‘ magazines 8-page feature story about Apnoe:


Magazine Publication – FIT FOR FUN 12/2011

December 7th, 2011

Contribution of a photo to ‘Fit for Fun’ magazines spreadpage section called ‘Big Shot’. The shot features a riversurf session at the Waimea River which was temporarily triggered by massive storms howling over the Hawaiian Islands:


TRIERENBERG Super Circuit Award – Winners Gala, 09/2011

September 27th, 2011

Accompanied by my brother Jo I was invited by the committee and chairman Chris Hinterobermaier to the big gala of the TRIERENBERG photo award in Linz.

I am feeling flattered being chosen for the gold medal in the category “Sports, Dynamic & Movement” out of 85.000 photo entries. 2 more photographs made it into the official book and slideshow. Here are some impressions of the award ceremony:


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Magazine Publication – FOCUS 09/2011

September 12th, 2011

On Assignment for several magazines such as FOCUS covering the world record attempt of German apnoe diver Anna von Boetticher in the pristine and crystal clear waters of Sharm El-Sheikh in the Red Sea.

You can find the whole collection(s) in my portfolio here:


Online Publication – OIL SPILL App in ProfiFOTO 09/2011

September 6th, 2011

My brothers and my multimedia project “OIL SPILL – THE HUMAN UEBERFLUSS” is now available as an app for your iPad (unfortunately not for iPhone). You can download the free app at the iTunes – store:

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Magazine Publication – redpec+ Sparkassen Verlag 08/2011

August 19th, 2011

Contribution of selected photographs to a photo story about young and uprising surfer Nico von Rupp in the German redpec+ magazine run by the Sparkassen Verlag:

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Magazine Publication – FAZ am Sonntag 08/2011

August 8th, 2011

Publication of a photo story about the world record attempt of Apnoe diver Anna von Boetticher in the German newspaper ‘FAZ am Sonntag’ in the ‘Sports’ – section:

Photo Shoot with Danish Apnoe divers, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 07/2011

August 6th, 2011

While on photo production with German Apnoe diver Anna von Boetticher for several German magazines I met up with the “Danish Dynamite” Apnoe team: Jakob, Rune, Carsten, Kristian.

All of them managed to break their personal bests. After their record attempts we played around in the pristine, crystal clear waters of the Red Sea in front of the Only One Apnea Center

Eventually we were icing the day up with an excessive party. Our feet were scrubbing the sand to some good old-school beats.

You can find all of the images in full scale in my “Sports & Motion” – section either.

Gold medal at the PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS photography award 07/2011

July 16th, 2011

I’m very flattered for receiving…



… a gold medal in the 2011 PX3 PRIX DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE PARIS photo award in the category „PROFESSIONAL / Advertising / Catalogues” with my photo series “Submerged” consisting of 3 underwater images.  More than 4.000 entries were submitted.

Here comes the official press release: PX3_WINNERS-PRESSRELEASE

There will be a book published in early 2012 with all the winning works.



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Photo Shoot with Apnoe diver Anna von Boetticher, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, 07/2011

July 10th, 2011

I am really overwhelmed getting the chance diving into the freediving scene.

Marco, the chief of Only One Apnea Center in Sharm El-Sheikh/Egypt and Andrea Zuccari, the Swiss Apnoe champion were teaching me – literally – some breath-taking techniques from which I never heard before.

I can only highly recommend the Only One Apnea Center to anybody who’s interested in learning the proper free diving techniques. And of course for those ones wanting to get rid of  their old-fashioned, faulty, ugly style – like me;-)

We found perfect locations all over the hotel resort as we are almost alone to ourselves. Not to mention the underwater reef scenery and crystal clear water quality accompanied by a huge fish variety.

Next week I’ll be covering Anna’s world record attempt of 130m.

There will be underwater, lifestyle and portrait images as well as settings with her tandem partner Andrea Zuccari with whom she gained the tandem world record a couple of weeks ago. The clients are german and international lifestyle, economy and sport magazines.

Here come some first impressions, making-of’s etc:

Member of ‘WONDERFUL MACHINE’, USA, 06/2011

June 22nd, 2011

I am feeling truely honored being part of the international and exclusive photographers & artists network “WONDERFUL MACHINE”.

My personal link can be found here

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Impressions of the ‘Blood Moon’ over Salzburg

June 16th, 2011

I found a quiet place at my home-turf of Salzburg to snap some impressions of mother nature’s spectacle. Unfortunately I didn’t stumble upon some vampires last night to round up the thing;-)

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Magazine Publication – BLUE 05/2011

June 14th, 2011

Publication of photographs in the german surf and travel magazine ‘BLUE’ in their Westsahara section: (

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Photo Documentation ‘STIEGL Gespann-Fahrcup’

May 9th, 2011

Photo documentation and behind-the-scenes photo coverage of the ‘STIEGL’ Gespann-Fahrcup in Salzburg-City. Please find more images at my flickr – photostream:



Photo Collection ” Rays of Hope”, Syria

April 23rd, 2011

Dedicated to all the friendly people I met while traveling through Syria sending them courage:

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Photo Documentation Live Recordings for ‘VENDETTA’

April 21st, 2011

Covering the still and motion picture photography of the live recordings of my brother, Jo Blankenburg‘s new film music trailer album called ‘VENDETTA‘ in a concert hall in Brno, Czech Republic.

You can find the videotrailer here

Please find more photos here

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Magazine Publication – FINE ART PRINTER 03/2011

March 23rd, 2011

Publication of a 7-page underwater portfolio with a “behind-the-scenes story of a surf/water photographer”  in the german magazine ‘fine art printer’ (

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Magazine Publication – QUALITY 11/2010

November 26th, 2010

Publication of a spread page opener to a story about the genius ‘Bufo Brothers’ Sven and Rouven Brauers and their groundbreaking surfboard innovations ( in the german lifestyle, business and fashion magazine ‘QUALITY’ (

Magazine Publication – UNTERWASSER 11/2010

November 22nd, 2010

Publication of a 7-page underwater portfolio with a “behind-the-scenes story of a surf/water photographer”  in the german underwater magazine ‘UNTERWASSER’ (

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Photo Trip – Italy > Liguria & Tuscany

October 23rd, 2010

A few impressions of a spontaneous photo trip to the coastline of Liguria and Tuscany, Italy a couple of weeks ago when wave charts were looking not too bad:

First night wake up in a tunnel close to the surf break early in the morning

Abandoned 'Bagni' but Michi Mohr chargin' the punchy tuscan righthander

Michi Mohr cuddling the lip

Michi Mohr versus the harbour jetty

Bodyboarder Raffi Hemmer deep in the terraced-style shallow wave spot called 'Hans Klok'

THUNDER! THUNDER! - Michi Mohr before the storm front approaching

Rain drops on your lens can give your photos a dreamy blurry romantic touch;-)

'Love is in the air...' - or...'somewhere over the rainbow'...whatever, it's up to your imagination

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Magazine Publication – UNTERWASSER 10/2010

October 19th, 2010

Publication of a spread page underwater shot in the german underwater magazine ‘UNTERWASSER’ (

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Magazine Publication – SURFERS 08/2010

September 27th, 2010

Publication of the surf trip story with the PLANET SPORTS surf team traveling to Western Australia in the german surf magazine ‘SURFERS’ (

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Advertisement Publication – PATAGONIA 09/2010

September 18th, 2010

Publication of a lifestyle photo captured in the Westsahara for PATAGONIA’s online surf catalogue fall 2010 (

Advertisement photo in PATAGONIA's fall 2010 surf catalogue

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Photo Documentation ‘RED BULL Kick Off Day 2010’ – Kajak, Austria

August 23rd, 2010

Some brief impressions of the Red Bull Kick Off Day 2010 while the global communication manager enjoyed themselves in tiny kajaks and went mental diving down the cliffs off the Wolfgangsee:

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Newspaper Publication – WELT KOMPAKT 06/2010

July 12th, 2010

Publication of an underwater photo portrait of BILLABONG XXL Biggest Wave Award winner Sebastian Steudtner in the June issue of the german business newspaper ‘WELT KOMPAKT’:

Underwater photo portrait of Billabong XXL award winner Sebastian Steudtner

Photo Trip – Syrian Arab Republic and Lebanon #2

May 8th, 2010

Some first impressions of my photo documentation trip traveling through the friendly and open-minded Syrian Arab Republic and Lebanon:

Beirut @ night

Women waiting for the pickup bus at Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

Young woman in the sukh market of Aleppo, Syria

Craftsman with his ancient sewing machine, Aleppo, Syria

Chilling camel at a hairpin curve at Krak des Chevaliers, Syria

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Magazine Publication – DER SPIEGEL 04/2010

May 7th, 2010

Publication of a photo of BILLABONG XXL Biggest Wave Award winner Sebastian Steudtner in the issue (publishing date: 19th april) of the german business magazine ‘DER SPIEGEL’ (

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PLANET SPORTS Surf Teamtrip, Westaustralia #2

March 25th, 2010

The further we drove the better it went…

'We're on a road to nowhere...'

A-Frame perfection down south in WA

Planet Sports teamrider Gerry Schlegel goin' for the barrel at South Point

Planet Sports teamrider Marlon Lipke hittin' it hard

Planet Sports teamrider Sonni Hönscheid chargin' a lefthander down south in WA

Kangaroos meeting at night

Early light...the crew is checking the surf (from left to right): Stu, Eva Kreyer, Gerry Schlegel, Sonni Hönscheid, Michi Mohr

Stopping at night may get you in serious trouble

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PLANET SPORTS Surf Teamtrip, Westaustralia

March 21st, 2010

Here come the first moments of the Planet Sports Surf Teamtrip

Anything could happen...

On our way to a little sheltered beachbreak close to Margarets

Planet Sports teamrider Jay 'Bottle' Thompson and Marlon Lipke gettin' ready for the action at Gas Bay

'Bottle' and Marlon back from 'work'

Planet Sports teamrider Michi Mohr droppin' in at Cobbles

Planet Sports teamrider Gerry Schlegel negociating the pebbles

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Goldcoast Impressions

March 16th, 2010

Before I am heading over to WA to shoot the PLANET SPORTS surf teamtrip I am fueling my blog with the latest impressions of our latest activities at the Goldcoast.

The black sheep amongst the MAC wolves

Isaac Paddon and Yoyo Terhorst checking the surf at Angourie

Enjoying the 'Tarzan'-like Feeling at the Currumbin Rockpools

Me negociating the drop at the Currumbin Rockpools

Our favourite Sushi place in Coolangatta

Me literally standing in the barrel...

...and still sticking out my camera

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TRACKS Party @ Coolangatta Hotel

March 7th, 2010

Some impressions of the great TRACKS party in the Coolangatta Hotel. It’s been an amazing evening except my annoying flash batteries which cut off in some – let’s say – fairly important moments. That’s life.

German prosurfer Yoyo Terhorst enjoying the refreshments

DJ Eddy spinning some fancy 80ies tracks

That's FAITH;-)

TRACKS editor Luke Kennedy and ...

Surf photographer Peter 'Joli' Wilson negociating in the dark

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Surf Road Trip – Gold Coast 02

February 25th, 2010

We’re still waiting for a decent groundswell hitting the Goldcoast shorelines. In the meantime we were eager shooting in fun waves, visiting conspirative meetings or being guided by the omnipresent ‘Darth Vader’, the radiator mascot of our rotten ‘Mitsubishi Magna Safari’.

Prosurfer Dale Lovelock bustin' fins out at South Straddie

Prosurfer Yoyo Terhorst funsurfin' at Palm Beach

Darth Vader leading the way to the waves

The Palm Beach Boardriders Club treasurer holding onto his suitcase full of ...

Tilo clearing the 'white telephone'

Surf Road Trip – Gold Coast 01

February 19th, 2010

First time in the water at Kirra but wasn’t that lucky with the weather and light conditions. But just for a first impression.

Kirra, small but clean

Dru Adler airstylin' at Palm Beach

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Magazine Publication – TOURS 02/2010

January 28th, 2010

Publication of a 6-page adventurous road trip story to the Westsahara


in the brandnew issue (publishing date: 9th february) of the german-speaking travel magazine ‘TOURS’ (

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Industry – Photoshoot HETEC Datensysteme

December 4th, 2009

Interior photo shooting inside the control center of a renown federal agency in Nuremberg. The screens, furniture, technical hardware were concepted, built and provided by HETEC Datensysteme, Germering (

Control Center by HETEC

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Skate – Photoshoot Flori Kummer ‘Punkskate Pixie’

November 21st, 2009

Photo shooting with skater/surfer and punkrocker Flori Kummer in a forest at the Tegernsee region, Bavaria, Germany

We had to prepare the little stretch of forest with a kicker and a landing ramp for Flori in order to gap the little creek. It’s been quite a huge effort to transport all the building materials to the location. But thanks to

Flori and his self-made approach

Flori’s girlfriend Nina, who played the pixie role

Joseph, who assisted me with the light

Sebi, who kept the generator running

make-up artist Raphaela from Klagenfurt, who did a great job on Flori’s and Nina’s face.

Me simulating the pixie and Flori unimpressed

Photo assistant Joseph checking the light setup

Flori receiving his punk style makeup by Raphaela

Flori receiving his punk style makeup by Raphaela

Setting up the shooting site

Photo assistant Joseph creepin' around in the dark

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Lifestyle – Photoshoot ‘Rackl-Pass’ Perchten

November 14th, 2009

Photo shooting with the spooky, creepy and ferocious ‘Rackl-Pass’ Perchten in the historic Steintheater of Salzburg, Austria.

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Magazine Publication – Surfer’s Path 10/2009

October 27th, 2009

Publication of a photograph in the international surf magazine ‘Surfers Path’ (

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Tennis – Photoshoot Bianca Leidecker ‘Tennis Heroine’

September 27th, 2009

Photo shooting with passionate tennis player Bianca Leidecker at her home tennis court in Bavaria, Germany:

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Cycling – Photoshoot Matt Blankenburg ‘Iron Cyclone’

September 12th, 2009

Photo shooting with triathlete and personal coach Matt Blankenburg ( at some rusty, steely trafic location in Munich, Germany:

The mood of the abandoned road work site was unique and matched perfectly to Matt’s silhouette.

Directing Matt for THE shot, Frankfurter Ring, Munich, Germany

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Lifestyle – Photoshoot Dominik Metner ‘Bike Brides’

September 9th, 2009

Born as a 68er kid and inspired by watching countless trashy b-movies I was encouraged setting up a special outdoor photo shoot. I matched up the young mountain bike semi-pro Dominik with some girls touting for him in his own-built bike park.

The models Steffi and Moni were bravely tottering with their shiny high heels in the dust and dirt of the race track.

When dusk dove in, we parked an old, rotten wrecked pickup truck to establish the stranded girls couple looking for gasoline in the dense forest.

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Underwater – Photoshoot Heidi Wolfmeier ‘Cynara’

August 28th, 2009

Underwater photo shooting with artist Heidi at the pristine Fuschlsee, Austria:

I was seeking quite desperately places and locations for crystal clear water at the Salzburger and upper-austrian lake region since quite a long time.

Locals’ mouths were sealed…not too awkward as I know this from surfing (which is alright to protect the beauty) and so I had to ‚discover’ the banks and water quality of the lakes all by myself. Words of some friends told that I should try this or that lake but finally we got stuck at Fuschlsee. On first sight the water looked pretty clear and the underwater visibilty should be alright. After renting a little red oldschool vintage electro boat at Fuschlsee which reminded me of those 60ies films with a lot of cheesy dialogues where couples were floating out to the lake to spend some romantic hours….we started off to our location check by sea.

'Frogman' and 'Sissy'

We found some pristine, clear banks with stunning rotten roots and climbers at this famous lake close to Salzburg. Unfortunately the underwater scenery was hidden by murky slimey underground which was whirled up every time we touched the ground.

Underwater model Heidi threw herself in a green showy dress. Some funny accessoires spiced up the artistic situation: an artichoke flower! which contrasted perfectly to the outfit and greenish underwater scenery. Our ‘Cynara’ under water photo project was born.

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Mountainbike – Photoshoot Dominik Metner ‘Bike Maniac’

August 17th, 2009

Photo shooting with semi-professional mountain biker Dominik Metner at his own-built wood race park in his backyard in Bavaria, Germany:

Before we were ready to setup our light equipment in the rugged  bike park at Dominiks backyard time has come to sway our axes. Tables and abstacles were pretty much sprawled and we had to free them.

Lucky me when everyone was ready for action that my brother Jo Blankenburg ( was filming the entire ‚making-of’ of the bike jump and portrait photo shooting with his HD camera.

Please find the videoclip at my vimeo-channel:…..

We were checking out different obstacles and kickers and we shot at several locations at Dominiks bike park at day and night times. Dominik decided to go for the BIG one: a wood kicker throning 5m high above and a 45-degree-landing ramp. Dominik threw himself in his new gear and we took some portrait shots before Dominik gapped the big kicker.

One evening we carried this night mud slide action and thanks to BOWENS producing such reliable light equipment as the ankle-deep mud and filth was spilled all over the place. White softboxes were dunked into ‚Cafe-Latte’ color. It’s been worth every single mud pearl!

Some impressions of the making-of:

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Lifestyle – Photodocu RED BULL Stefan Glowacz

August 4th, 2009

Photo documentary of climber legend and adventurer Stefan Glowacz at the RED BULL Kick Off Day 2009, Wolfgangsee, Austria:

I felt honored spending time to accompany the little group of Red Bull executives and communication managers under the guidance of Stefan Glowacz. They were climbing at a huge wood wall receiving instructions and advice from Stefan.

Stefan Glowacz and RED BULL crew

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Music – Photodocu Jo Blankenburg @ Rudolfinum

July 27th, 2009

Photodocumentation of the live recordings of musician, composer, pianist Jo Blankenburg from New Zealand in the historic Rudolfinum orchestra hall, Prague, Czech Republic:

The music created and composed by Jo Blankenburg was destined for the live show event of the World of Wearable Art, New Zealand:

Some impressions of the making-of:

Jo Blankenburg videographed by director Andreas Tröger

Jo Blankenburg in front of the scaffolded Rudolfinum

Jo Blankenburg discussing with the conductor prior to the recordings

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Dirndl – Photoshoot Veronika Widauer ‘Pluck a chick’

June 15th, 2009

Based on the german saying “mit jemandem ein Hühnchen rupfen!” (which means to sort out some problems with someone) we created a photo shoot setup with local model Veronika at an old farmhouse close to Salzburg, Austria.

She had to literally pluck a chick with her boyfriend Andi. But he showed up with some flowers and eventually both reconcile.

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