Mountainbike – Photoshoot Dominik Metner ‘Bike Maniac’

August 17, 2009

Photo shooting with semi-professional mountain biker Dominik Metner at his own-built wood race park in his backyard in Bavaria, Germany:

Before we were ready to setup our light equipment in the rugged  bike park at Dominiks backyard time has come to sway our axes. Tables and abstacles were pretty much sprawled and we had to free them.

Lucky me when everyone was ready for action that my brother Jo Blankenburg ( was filming the entire ‚making-of’ of the bike jump and portrait photo shooting with his HD camera.

Please find the videoclip at my vimeo-channel:…..

We were checking out different obstacles and kickers and we shot at several locations at Dominiks bike park at day and night times. Dominik decided to go for the BIG one: a wood kicker throning 5m high above and a 45-degree-landing ramp. Dominik threw himself in his new gear and we took some portrait shots before Dominik gapped the big kicker.

One evening we carried this night mud slide action and thanks to BOWENS producing such reliable light equipment as the ankle-deep mud and filth was spilled all over the place. White softboxes were dunked into ‚Cafe-Latte’ color. It’s been worth every single mud pearl!

Some impressions of the making-of:

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